Well today was what i call a me day where i get to work in my shed for the day. Me and my dad built my shed last summer its 7 ft wide by 10 ft long and it was going to be used to house my motor bike but well i sold my bike and this year after starting this hobby, i decided to build work benches for some draws and shelving to store wood. Its not finished yet before the end of the summer it needs a second roof and more protection at the back from wind and rain and some guttering as i don`t want the tools getting damp.IMG_0350


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Several years ago when my daughter was young i made a dolls house from a kit, it was very enjoyable to make but the quality was poor and didn’t last long before parts started falling off or breaking. I always thought that if i was to make another house i would build it myself from plans and that way i could select stronger woods and materials.

So last summer while chatting with my dad who is a great wood turner i mentioned that i was thinking of making another dolls house. Within a week several of my fathers friends had asked me to go and pick what they described as a “few bits” to help me start making a dolls house. the generosity of these friends was truly amazing i had been given a dolls house that is uncompleted but with a large trunk full of all the parts to finish it. I was also given lots of doll house plans, books, miniature tools and a scroll saw.

I had never used a scroll saw before and so as we all do i googled it to find out how it worked and what could be made with it. from here i watched many videos and discovered intarsia which is making pictures from wood i really thought this might be exciting to try and while talking to to dad about this he pulled out a couple of intarsia books that he didn’t use and also gave me a small hobby bandsaw. so while looking online i came across bandsaw boxes and well I’ve never looked back this is the ultimate hobby for me and even as a novice i was making small boxes that looked great even with all the normal little mistakes. IMAG0089

I have continued to build my tool collection and have made a wood press so that i can laminate woods to get different looks to my boxes. i will go on to show you in more detail later.

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